UFC drops the ball on a fight announcement for the second time in a week

You would think after the whole Alexander Gustafsson v. Antonio Noguiera snafu, the UFC would find a way to ensure what they’re announcing is, you know, correct.

Turns out they just like making mistakes in pairs. For the second time in a week the UFC has scrapped a high-profile bout, this time being Jon Jones v. Glover Teixera.

Speaking to the media following Thursday’s press conference for UFC 167, President Dana White told reporters the fight would no longer be headlining UFC 170. He said Jones had to pull out due to injury – specially, as reported by Yahoo! Sports’, Kevin Lole, Jones foot which was injured in his recent bout with Gustafsson over a month and a half ago. Somehow in a 24-hour period, that injury forced Jones out.

While the UFC and White have yet to comment on a second embarrassing fight cancellation, the anticipation for comment can not be higher. Historically they have a tendency to throw blame around in places it often seems inappropriate. Even worse, the manner in which they cast blame peels back layers for the public to understand just how the UFC does business. Too often, the UFC uses corporate clout to pit itself as against a two or three individuals at a time – hardly a fair fight even in public relations terms.

Yet many of these issues are the fault of the UFC as any series of things. For example, way back at UFC 151 originally to have taken place on September 1, 2012 White went on a public barrage of Jones when he turned down a replacement bout thus scrapping the card. The UFC failed to highlight how if there were no other high-profile fights elsewhere on the card worthy of promotion to headliner status. The card depth was so weak – a trend the UFC also does no justice to by pitting their most mainstream worthy fighter in Jones to offset poor cards on paper – no other fight could justifiably be promoted. Whose fault is that?

You know the situation last week with Noguiera, in which White admitted only partial blame for booking a fight without asking one its contestants – whom he gave the large majority of the blame.The UFC is a powerful entity. Other than a few select fighters, the promotion will always win out in public tiffs because they hire everyone. If White is pissed – even if he misleads the public – his opinion is the only one that matters. It’s a shame, of course, because that same power is the reason MMA fans get to see the best fighters fight each other unlike boxing. The MMA game is like all sports leagues, a capitalist one. Those with the most influence – the very best and talented fighters, the executives, the matchmakers – control the resources.

In the case of UFC 170 and Jones’ foot, White hasn’t pointed the finger on this one…yet. It will be interesting to see how the UFC politicize this one.