Jon Jones says he would kill NFL bad guy Richie Incognito…but not because he knows him

Jon Jones has two brothers who play in the NFL. If there is any professional a fighter in the game who has a more direct window into how locker rooms operate, it’s Jones.

It seems even so, he’s incredibly under informed regarding the Richie Incognito story.

When host Eric Bickel brought up the subject, Jones stated he was unfamiliar with it. Bickel then described Incognito physically to which Jones replied:

‘“I’d kill him. Someone tweet him, let him know I’d smoke him. Easy.”

Obviously, Jones was having a bit of fun. He even said he would start threatening the player on Twitter as soon as he could. First, he’ll probably have to find out what kind of a person Incognito really is because when Bickel let his opinions that Incognito was a douchebag be known, Jones had no clue.

“Is he?”

For those living under a rock like Jones (just jokes, please don’t tell him where I live), Incognito has become suspect number one in a scandal that saw his locker room interactions with a teammate quit the team. Incognito sent racially slanted, threatening text messages to teammate Jonathan Martin which apparently caused Martin emotional trauma. The scandal has brought up the subjects of bullying and locker room culture in its wake – two areas that have been mutually inclusive within the game for decades.

While we don’t know Jones’ true feelings on the entire case – as made clear by his joking demeanor – if anyone has the powers to find out and form an informed opinion on the matter, it’s him.



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