Belfort can fight in the USA – if he jumps through some hoops

Because of his controversial TRT usage, the questions regarding Vitor Belfort’s eligibility to fight in the US have been raised. The issue is his history of drug abuse. After failing a test in 2006, Belfort did not comply with the NSAC’s nine-month suspension and fought in London the following April.

Can a fighter with failed tests and a history of defiance in his past find himself allowed to fight while on drugs in future?

MMAFighting spoke with Executive Director of the NSAC, Keith Kizer regarding the issue of Belfort’s eligibility for a Testosterone Use Exemption.

“Due to his past, Mr. Belfort would need to go before the Commission if he applies for a TRT TUE. This is not anything new. For example, I would not administratively grant Antonio Margarito a contestant’s license so he had to appear before the full Commission — likewise, Dave Herman.”

“The Commissioners could grant (with or without condition), deny, or take other action on any such application.”

There it is. Belfort would have to take the same steps as Josh Barnett to get his fight. Barnett’s history with drug abuse is more rampant, but he was able to play nice and answer all the NSAC’s questions to get himself a conditional application.

Will Belfort get licensed? It seems likely. However, depending on how his review goes, it very likely could be with conditions of pre-testing or more.


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