It’s bad, it’s bad (Jamon!): Anthony Pettis out

I guess Dana White was wrong.

Yesterday the FD reported the news that Anthony Pettis was seeing a specialist regarding his aggravated knee injury. Being his third in six months, we deemed it a code yellow situation. It appears we can upgrade that to code red.

Pettis out of his title defence against Josh Thomson on the December 14 UFC Fox 9 card. The card will not lose much weight (pun intended) as Demetrious Johnson v. Joseph Benevidez flyweight title fight will be moved to headline the card.

How bad can Pettis’ injury be? We need only look 20 pounds lighter to see an example: Dominick Cruz has been out 18 months due to knee injuries.

As the FD wrote yesterday, knee injuries are some of the most bothersome in sports. They have long recovery times and generally degrade the injured party even after the recovery processĀ  – eroding many of their skills. In the past, knee injuries were career-enders. Within the last ten years, the research and technology involved in many ligament injuries (such as Tommy John surgery for baseball players) is so advanced, some athletes are coming back in near perfect condition – some even stronger.

That is, of course, in sports that don’t involve direct attacks on those injured areas. If the situation is indeed dire, this could be a devastating development for Pettis.

For now, let’s all hope the situation is more precautionary and this is not a chronic injury. So keep an eye on how Dominick Cruz does in his return; we could be looking into Anthony Pettis’ future.



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