Noguiera never agreed to fight Gustafsson so Dana White just said, ‘F–k it.’

No wonder it all seemed so confused.

The recent snafu that saw  Antonio Nogueira booked to fight Alexander Gustafsson, only for that fight to disappear days later because Noguiera was injured was pretty baffling and disconnected. Turns out it’s because it was. reports from last evening’s Fight Night press conference Dana White’s explanation.

“What happened was that night we decided to make the fight. Gustafsson said yes, and they couldn’t get hold of him, so I said, ‘F–k it,’ and just went with it and announced the fight, and of course, he’s hurt.”

In other words, Dana White pulled an executive decision which blew up in the UFC’s face. Had it been a screw-up by anyone else in the organization would probably result in a dismissal. But of course, you can’t fire the boss. White undoubtedly feels like the situation isn’t entirely his fault, as MMAJunkie reports White admits he is partially to blame.

How is White only partially to blame? He booked a fight without the knowledge of one of the participants. Just because that particularly felt he was not physically able to compete – and Nogueira’s tendency to be hurt and stay hurt is concerning – it does not forgive that this entire situation would not have occurred if the UFC had waited a day to get in touch. It is convenient for the UFC and White to push the public attention on the fighter and not the failure in the process.


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