Belfort looks unnatural and wins

The man knows how to drop his opponents with a thud.

It took barely the time to order a coffee at Starbucks. In only a minute and seventeen seconds, Belfort caught a ducking Henderson on the chin with a short left hook as Hendo was wading in to close the distance. As Henderson rose to his feet, Belfort threw a quick head kick that ended the fight.

Admittedly, it is difficult to watch Belfort compete. His last number of bouts have only highlighted the discrepancy in his TRT usage. Recently saying he didn’t need it if it meant a title shot, Belfort has long danced a fine line regarding how to reconcile his drug abuse history with his current drug usage. Physically he has appeared leaner, more cut, almost sinewy – with veins popping out along his chest and arms. It looks slightly unnatural – like Sylvester Stallone (an advocate for HGH) only younger. Vocally, he has been defiant, aggressive and plied the ‘God judges’ defence.

Regardless, it appears he is next in line for the winner of the Anderson Silva v. Chris Weidman bout.

Winners to keep an eye on…

Brandon Thatch – in only his second UFC bout, Thatch dropped veteran Paulo Thiago with a step-in knee to the liver in the first round. Before that, he showcased dangerous standup, pressing against Thiago throughout the round. At 6’2″, Thatch is a very large, rangy welterweight. Look for him to get a step up in competition.


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