Losing weight is like, so totally in fashion

It appears modeling is no longer the only profession where getting skinny is becoming a requirement.

Unlike an industry that creates terrible social example of beauty and female body awareness, in MMA losing weight is actually a good thing. Many fighters have body types that are more suited to lower weight classes i.e. Lyoto Machida, Frankie Edgar. Dropping to that weight class means they are more fit on fight day and are not carrying around extra weight which can hinder their quickness. Conversely, some fighters have advantages at higher weight classes in quickness and athleticism because they are naturally smaller. So stylistically a lot depends on how a fighter can adjust to the pace of the division they are in.

Changing divisions in a quick way for a fighter to rejuvenate their career and put them on a new path towards a title shot. Conversely, if that attempt fails, they can always bounce back up and try again.

The trend continues with Brad Pickett who drops from bantamweight to flyweight (after having also spent time at featherweight and lightweight in his career).

Pickett is the kind of fighter stuck in a limbo. Tough enough for anyone in the division – as evidenced by his .500 record of 3-3 in the UFC – he has nonetheless great value to the promotion. Pickett has won ‘Fight of the Night’ five times and ‘Knockout of the Night’ once.

Despite his exciting style, Pickett has found himself on the losing end against the elites. His last fight saw him choked out by perennial contender Michael McDonald and his other two losses came to Eddie Wineland and Renan Barao (who just fought each other in a title clash).

With Pickett in the flyweight division, get ready for some real fireworks as he will be matched against some of the fleetest fighters on the planet.



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