Georges St. Pierre passes undermined VADA test

As Church Lady would say, well isn’t that special.

Reported by Blood Elbow, welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre tweeted pics of his VADA letter confirming his successful test results. Of course, without opponent Johny Hendricks also on board – as was the original plan – it lacks significant oomph.

Sadly, Hendricks’ camp opted out after publicly saying they were opting in. Their reasons were legitimate when thought through. Their camp felt the validity of an ‘independent’ test is compromised by the fact that GSP himself is used as a marketing tool for the program. If GSP were to fail a test at any point – while it would signal the legitimacy of their organization – it would go hand-in-hand with negative PR that would not be good for a growing business. Think of the embarrassment VADA would face if their poster-child were to be caught red-handed by their very own doing.

The reality is that all fighters undergo drug testing conducted by the athletic commissions where they fight, so both St. Pierre and Hendricks are  to be tested at some point. GSP’s camp argued that those tests are per-determined which makes it more simple for someone to dodge a positive test with enough leeway. Hence his decision to go with an independent body that randomly does Olympic-style testing.

Thus, GSP’s positive tests land with a melancholy thud rather. It means if GSP wins, he wins clean. If GSP loses, he loses clean. Either way he loses – because his advocacy for a clean sport is undermined by an opponent who may not be on the same playing field.


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