Even with win, Tim Kennedy feels he does not deserve a top contender – so he asks for Michael Bisping

Nothing stings more than a nice backhand.

Following his victory on Wednesday over Rafael Natal, Tim Kennedy was not entirely impressed with his performance. He felt strongly enough that via Twitter, he sent out this message:

I don’t think I have earned a shot at any of the top guys. I think the @UFC should give me someone like @bisping

It appears Kennedy is saying this in jest. The FD believes Kennedy, like any competitor, wants to the toughest competition he can get – he simply wanted to find a nifty, biting way of asking for a specific fight i.e. Bisping.

Bisping responded to the dig (he must have sore fingers from all the times he has had to do that) by tweeting:

@TimKennedyMMa well it’s simple. Call the UFC and say u wanna fight me in April. Put your money where your mouth is big shot.

This appears a match worth making and the timeline works out. If Dana White has his say, this fight surely will happen. When asked about Kennedy’s next fight, the CEO replied in the affirmative.

“…yeah, his next fight will be a very important fight.”




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