FIGHT!!! Dana White and Bjorn Rebney go at it

Isn’t it great when art reflects life? Or in this case, when mixed martial arts reflect life. Without throwing punches, the CEO’s of the two most prominent North American MMA promotions are landing significant strikes.

It all began when Eddie Alvarez defeated Michael Chandler. The very public, litigious battle between Alvarez and Bellator has been one of the bigger storylines in MMA this year. Which made Alvarez’s victory two-fold for the fighter – he scores a title, makes big money, and indirectly shoves it in the face of the promotion.  Dana White, apparently, found it more philosophical when he tweeted:

I’m hearing Djork oops Bjork got served a big fat plate of Karma tonight 🙂 Congrats Eddie!!

The direct shot at Rebney is vintage White. Whether you like it or not, his aggressive tactics are very effective in the PR sense but not in the professional sense. The two are competitors but White often brings it down to petty levels. He often chooses to not be the bigger man – though perhaps the more political one.

The meat on the bones then got tastier when video surfaced wherein Rebney is seen shaking his head behind Alvarez during the victors post-fight interview. Some have interpreted it as a slight, that Rebney was not impressed by the decision.

White made light of the situation during a press conference yesterday, when asked by a reporter (Canada’s ‘Showdown’ Joe Ferraro) to define the term ‘karma’ in reference to his original tweet. White’s response was, again, classic White. FIrst, he says he has ‘no comment on that’ then proceeds to comment in detail:

“When I sent that karma text, everybody knows what I was talking about. He tried to f–k this kid, and then he loses. What was he shaking his head about if he was so f–king pumped about his evening? If his evening was that wonderful and he was so pumped about it, why was he back there shaking his head and looked like he wanted to f–king kill himself?”

Once again, White uses his effective PR move by bringing up the head shake video. When coming from the president of the UFC, the average fan is inclined to agree – despite the fact the video is far from an indictment of Alvarez by Rebney. In the video, the fans can be heard booing the decision during the interview to which Rebney shakes his head. Either he is agreeing with their vocal displeasure by shaking his head or he disagrees by shaking his head.

Simultaneously as White’s press conference, Rebney finally fired back. In a nice piece of tact, Rebney shot back using the ratings from the Bellator card as his shield – in which the promotion scored a major solid with 1.1 million viewers.

@danawhite If Fight of the Year & 10 times better ratings than you did on your last televised show is Karma, bring me another plate.

Boom. Shots fired.


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