Surprise, surprise: Jon Jones gets UFC video game cover

After three versions with THQ as their official video game developer, the UFC made the switch to the flagship sports game developer, EA Sports.

EA Sports is almost as famous for which athletes they pick to adorn the cover of each game. The scrutiny over who adorns the cover of Madden can be downright viscous.

As if he already had enough going for him being sponsored by Nike, Gatorade and the UFC, now Jon Jones becomes the inaugural cover athlete. It’s an important distinction as the new line of games with EA are not likely to sever.

In an official release by the UFC and EA Sports, Jones expressed his excitement.

“It’s another one of those surreal moments, one of those moments you just have to step back and pinch yourself and realize I’m not dreaming.”

A secondary athlete will be picked by vote (a la the Madden cover the last few years) to join Jones on the cover. Which only highlights how confident and powerful a brand that Jones is – that he would earn the cover outright.

Just one more line to add to his resume. Hopefully, it doesn’t manifest a curse a la Madden.


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