Bellator hits a solid

The embarrassment of having to drop their first announced pay-per-view tdown to cable TV, Spike, had to sting. Solid PPV numbers go a long way towards being relevant across from the UFC.

Or you just put on a great night of fights.

Thanks in large part to the Michael Chanlder v. Eddie Alvarez rematch, Bellator 106 put on an entertaining night of fights. Granted, a number of them ended in decision – something the UFC is used to – but they carried weight. Most the fight went the distance following great action.

Two titles changed hands, first when Daniel Straus fitched Pat Curran for the majority of five rounds. The fight also had the most notable moment when Curran – likely having split rounds one and two – illegally kneed Straus as he was rising from the mat. Straus was allowed time to recover and then spent the round grinding Curran down, resulting in a two-point advantage. A big mistake.

The coup de gras was the rematch between Chandler and Alvarez. The pace was equivalent to a bantamweight weight for the first three rounds, with Chandler pushing the pace constantly while Alvarez picked his spots to counterstrike. Eventually, the two landed enough hard shots that Chandler’s left eye swole shut and his nose bled profusely while Alvarez had major swelling around his left eye as well. The damage to Chandler’s face was more extensive and likely had to sway the judges who awarded the decision to Alvarez who reclaimed his belt.

The saga appears set to continue. Bjorn Rebney said the pair were likely to meet again. Asked if the card would likely headline a pay-per-view, Rebney replied, “Not unless I have my brains removed..”

Bellator had to pull out all the stops for this card; titles aplenty, and a plethora of their best fighters. The results were mixed. The promotion did prove, however, that given the right card they can compete in entertainment value with the UFC. – it all depends on the fighters. Whether they can continue to uncover quality fighters and develop them will determine whether Bellator continue their success.


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