Machida v. Mousasi booked

Looks like Lyota Machida won’t get his wish – but Gegard Mousasi will. The two will meet on February 8 in Brazil.

After lobbying for a fight with Vitor Belfort, a fight that Dana White expressed interest in making happen, Machida won’t see it happen.

The FD weighed in a few days ago, predicting we wouldn’t know about Machida or Belfort until after the Anderson Silva v. Chris Weidman rematch. Well, that’s embarrassing.

This was the other logical scenario. As we weighed in today, Belfort would likely wait until until after that title fight to make his move. Clearly, he has his sights set on a title shot with the least resistance possible – even saying he would go off TRT to get it. Machida, it seems, wouldn’t get that luxury and he is left with the only other option: a fight with Mousasi.

This a great matchup. The two are former champions and have balanced games. It will be fun to see if Mousasi can drag the evasive, counter-striking Machida into deep waters.


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