Dominick Cruz says his footwork is as it was

The toughest breaks seem to come at the worst times. For Dominick Cruz, a guy so used to dictating the way things break in the octagon, facing his greatest opponent in Renan Barao comes fresh off two knee injuries. Define tough.

What has always set up of Cruz’s game has been his footwork. It glues his supreme quickness and rare cardio into a massive advantage. In many ways, Cruz’s movement skills allow him to avoid even the best strikers and wrestlers and thus set up his own offensive attacks.

Renan Barao, meanwhile, is a fighter capable of unraveling that. He has the ability to negate those movement skills, even against a Cruz with a healthy ACL. Define tough.

Cruz tells that his footwork is at the same level before the injury. He better hope so. In the numerous interviews Cruz has done since the injury occurred, he sounds like a fighter in the right head space. The question is whether that head space is one of convenient denial. Is he keeping it cool on the surface thus lessening the pressure he will undoubtedly face from the outside?

We won’t know until Cruz bumps fists with Barao.


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