Anthony Pettis is smart

Anthony Pettis wants you tom know he’s a smart guy. Smarter than Gilbert Melendez, smarter than Diego Sanchez, and be extension, any fighter willing to swing and bang.

Not that he’s wrong for saying it. Surely a fighter with his standup skills would prefer he, ‘…hit you before you hit me?’  He has proven more than capable of it.

Where these comments are interesting is how they toss a verbal barb at those fighters and other like them. The manner of speaking is fairly disingenuous. He notes he is too intelligent, skilled and versatile to fight like that – as if Melendez and Sanchez are not those things. While he does not specifically say it, his comments point to it.

Pettis’ comments indicate he holds himself on a higher platform. As he says, ‘It’s not that I can’t take it, it’s just that I don’t need to get hit.’ Anyone can tell you there is a difference between want and need. If Pettis were trying to be diplomatic, he should have used the word want, because at least that supports his comments about it being a matter of ‘fight style’. Instead, he arrogantly says he doesn’t need to get hit.

Vanity is nothing new to the fight game. Floyd Mayyweather Jr. is one of the most vain athletes on the planet but he backs it up. Pettis is the lightweight champion. He’s very, very good. When he calls himself too talented to brawl, he’s not lying. Pettis will get the chance to narrow the gap between want and need closer together on December 14 against Josh Thomson.


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