That was quick: Gustaffson v. Noguiera off

The FD reported a mere two days ago that Alexander Gustafsson would face Lil Nog on his climb back to a title shot.

Things change quickly. reports that Lil Nog is suffering from a lingering back injury and has pulled out.

This is a huge setback for Lil Nog. Injuries have plagued his entire UFC career and largely held him back from any type of contention. As sports terms go, he is considered injury prone. There has to be a serious lack of trust by the UFC to provide him with a significant fight for fear he does not make it to the show.

The situation hardly effects Gustafsson though. The fight was somewhat of a weak one in the first place. Hopefully now Gustafsson can get a shot at someone who will show up.

A rematch with the ever-improving Phil Davis sounds sweet – he’s the only man Gustaffson has ever lost to in the UFC.

UPDATE: Apparently, Gustafsson had been promised a title shot with a win over Lil Nog. So this situation really hardly changes little – the UFC is unlikely to rescind such an offer and will likely provide Gustafsson with a similar offer.


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