Belfort says he would stop TRT – for a title shot

The subject of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a very controversial one in MMA.

According to, Belfort would gladly stop his TRT treatments if he were granted a title shot. While it may come off sounding like a trade – title shot for stopping TRT – essentially Belfort is finding another avenue in which to plead with the UFC for a shot at the belt.

Whatever your opinion on TRT is, Belfort says he has been on it for three years. He was using the treatment for his title fight with Silva. The UFC has told him TRT is not the issue and he would not need to stop to get a shot at the belt. In other words, it’s not TRT – it’s you.

The argument against him in the case of his title chances is varied. Belfort has been on a tear in the middleweight division since losing to Anderson Silva.  He’s knocked out perennial contender Michael Bisping and former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold along with two other finishes.

The issue is that he used up a lot of his clout with a shot at Jon Jones – which he lost. After Belfort was decisively defeated by  Silva – via the trend-setting up kick – he jumped up in weight (this comes up again…) to fill-in for Dan Henderson and fight Jones. While he nearly snatched the champion in an armbar, he was manhandled nearly start to finish.

That made two title shots in two divisions in only four fights. How can he expect a two-fight win streak to give him a third?

While you can’t fault a fighter for pursuing gold at any opportunity, he made a poor tactical decision to chase the light heavyweight gold. Had he stuck it out at middleweight, his two recent knockouts would look attractive to the UFC. Instead, he has a big loss on his record which allowed Chris Weidman to seize the gap.

Ultimately, the smart thing for Belfort is to wait for Silva and Weidman in December. Should Silva win, he should ask the UFC for a number on contender fight against anyone they want. If Weidman wins, he should ask for the next chance – a fight which would make a lot of sense at that point as the two have never fought.


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