Rampage Jackson speaks with…Larry King?

MMA has been making mainstream waves in recent years – as evidenced by its standing as a pillar of Fox Sport 1. Even so, most sports fans find it difficult to cross-over into MMA fandom because it’s very objectives are unlike any sport except boxing. The only mainstream professional sport close is hockey, only because they let people needlessly bludgeon each other in the name of the sport ethic. If it is a difficult sell to sports fans, imagine what goes through the mind of the average person.

Bellator was forced to scrap their upcoming PPV on Saturday due to an injury by Tito Ortiz. To clean up some of the damage, the last thing you would think is to arrange a sit down interview with Rampage Jackson. With Larry King. Yes, that Larry King.

This is one plain PR move. The use of a media icon like King is obviously meant to peak a quick interest. But unfortunately, Rampage is asked the standard questions and answers them the way we expected he would – topics he has covered extensively already. Nothing new, no hard hits. Perhaps the most interesting element is that Rampage answers questions in a very level-headed manner, something he has been prone to not doing.

Granted, the King interview may tread covered ground, but Rampage is one of the more fascinating (if you like bad judgment types) characters in MMA history.


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