Your (seemingly) daily Conor McGregor update

Well that didn’t take long.

Clearly, when Conor McGregor chucked a proverbial grenade at the featherweight top ten, it was bound to come back to him. It’s been hard to keep track of the marquee names who have since called him out. The FD reported yesterday about comments made by Cole Miller following his fight on Saturday.

Count a second recent combatant to join the fray.

As passed along by Adam Guillen Jr. of, Diego Sanchez let loose when asked his thoughts on the Irishman.

Some of the best comments were, “He really believes his own hype.“, “…you’re acting like you’re the Muhammad Ali of Ireland.”, “…why do you think your freaking Superman when you ain’t done it?” and “He’s going to get humbled.”

However, the crown jewel and most telling comment had to be in which Sanchez questioned whether the UFC would ever pit him against McGregor because of the Irishman’s ability to draw crowds in foreign markets, “…there is money in him.” The UFC promoted McGregor with all its power prior to his last fight, evidently Sanchez is drawing assertions that many other fighters surely do. As Freeman always said on The Wire ‘follow the money.’

Sanchez would clearly the love the chance to follow it. However, as the FD mentioned before, with McGregor out, we won’t get to see any furious retaliation for some time.


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