Shogun Rua: “I want to fight for six or seven more years.”

You would think after wars in Pride and the UFC, a fighter would be worried. Shogun Rua has arguably competed in more monumental clashes than anyone  – and the man believes he’s got 10 more fights left.

Per MMAInterviews.TV, Rua says that at 31-years old, he’s got years left to fight. This despite taking a beating in five of his previous six fights – losses to Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Alexander Gustaffson, Jon Jones and a win over Brandon Vera.

Does Rua still have what it takes? As noted, his career is currently at a crossroads. No matter who you are, four losses in six fights is moving backward. When those four losses are against the division elite? One has to ponder what ten fights Rua could be thinking of.

In a sports landscape rife with a focus on the damage athletes take (hockey, football), it’s a messy paradox. As fans, his name elicits awe and respect. Still one has to wonder the state of his body. 31 is no longer young in MMA – a sport trending closer to the career span of an NFL player.

Rua better hope he is prepared; a war is on the horizon against a hungry adversary in the power-punching James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 33.


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