Rory McDonald reiterates he won’t fight GSP

We hear weekly about fighters fighting friends. Some take the position it’s their job and being a professional demands they fight whoever they are asked to fight. Others hold friendship in a higher regard. More still likely use either stance as a political means to avoid or position themselves to fight whom they like.

Rory McDonald tells MMAJunkie he is holding his stance on the GSP front. One can only trust McDonald’s word considering he has held this stance since his ascent to title contention became evident (considering his age, when was that, elementary school?).

For the UFC, this is surely an inconvenience. This inconvenience will only itch more if, as McDonald asserts, a win over Robbie Lawler at next month’s UFC 167 puts him ‘very near’ a title shot.

Because the rumor mill has spun – aided by statements from those close to the champ – about GSP’s future – then countered by statements from those close to the champ, it is reasonable to assume the McDonald-GSP will not happen. McDonald claims not to be interested and GSP is juggling potential super fights, drug testing, welterweight challengers, and retirement talk. If either one were to be answering the UFC’s calls regarding a fight between them, it would be a most presumptuous, premature conversation.

In spite of all that, the mere fact McDonald chooses to speak about his proximity to a title shot considering the circumstances is curious and quite presumptuous in and of itself. Dana White is always one to point out that when money is involved, the UFC can convince anyone to fight anyone. Maybe the money is speaking – in a more political way than we are to believe.



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