Benson Henderson positioning himself to get back to title

It has been nearly two months since he lost his belt to Anthony Pettis, but Benson Hednerson is now voicing his desire to get back to the belt and how.

Speaking with Adam Guillen Jr. at, Henderson has placed a bullseye on fast-rising Rafael Dos Anjos.

The unfortunate reality is that Henderson lost his belt via a definitive outcome (a submission) which was compounded by losing to the same man twice. Though the first loss to Pettis was not nearly as definitive (though the Showtime kick would make casual observers think so), losing a belt twice to the same guy stings.

To get back on top, Henderson will have to do something definitive himself – something he has struggled to do since his WEC days. Henderson may be a 7-1 since first losing to Pettis in the WEC, but each of those wins has been via decision. Critics point to GSP as being a fighter who lacks finishing capabilities, however, Henderson has rarely had that stigma forced on him.

The issue is that Dos Anjos may be on a five-fight win streak, yet he, too, has had a tendency to go to the scorecards.

A bout with Dos Anjos may motivate Henderson to hone a killer instinct, though it appears the match-up seems more political. While he refers to the fight as “…entertaining…” he also speaks in terms that paint a very strategic picture, referring to it as a match-up that makes ‘sense’,  “…works well for us.” hence that’s the way they are ‘leaning’.

For a fighter looking to making a statement, one would assume they would fight just about anybody, on any terms.

UPDATE: It looks like Dos Anjos would have like a fight with Henderson, as well. MMAJunkie reports Dos Anjos has his sights set on TJ Grant (out with concussion symptoms), Gilbert Melendez (too close to a title shot), and Henderson. It appears the ball is in the UFC’s court. Paging Joe Silva.


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