Gerard Mousasi wants Machida next

While we passed along the nugget regarding who Dana White wants to see battle Lyoto Machida next (and who Lyoto had in mind, at one time or another), another fighter has thrown his hat in the mix.

According to, former Strikeforce champion Gerard Mousasi tweeted “I want to make an impact in MW division and fight Machida!” in a message directed at, other media outlets, and White.

While a Machida v. Belfort matchup is intriguing for obvious reasons, a Mousasi fight is similarly intriguing. Mousasi is a balanced fighter with good technical skills, capable of matching up well against the quickness of The Dragon. The real intrigue, however, is lining up the fight.
Belfort is already set to fight Dan Henderson next month at UFC Fight Night 31 (whose TRT therapy will prevail?) and will likely ask for a title shot or a number one contender fight with a win. If Belfort were to meet Mousasi or Machida after a Henderson win, it would surely drop one of those fighters at the front of the line.
White has stated on multiple occasions he has no desire to see Belfort take on Anderson Silva, considering the definitive outcome of Belfort’s title shot against The Spider, while Machida does not wish to fight Silva unless it is for the belt. Should Silva win his title back in December, you would have only one option: Machida v. Mousasi, with the winner getting a shot at the belt.
As the middleweidhght division has gone for years, it all depends on The Spider. Don’t be surprised if we hear nothing about the futures of Machida or Belfort until after the middleweight title is on the line in December. With three players and only two chairs, things could get very interesting.


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