Cole Miller on Connor McGregor: ‘I know a show pony when I see one.’

Connor McGregor just can’t seem to keep his name out of the public chatter. A pair of ill-advised Twitter events have, one in which he called out virtually the entire division and the other for making lewd sexual references about Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, has kept him squarely in the public cross-hairs for the wrong reasons. And now his fellow fighters are taking note.

Following a win at UFC Fight Night, Cole Miller vented about the vocal Irishman.

“…I know a show pony when I see one. And that’s what Colin, Conor, whatever his name is… I know that’s what he is.”

“I see this guy walking around…he’s calling out my teammates, talking crap about Nick Lentz, talking about Dustin Poirrier. It’s like, those dude will run through you’

Perhaps the most singing comment was one in which he questions the caliber of opponent McGregor had to face.

“You didn’t finish a 21 year old kid with eight MMA fights, an you’re talking about being a top-10 contender??!?

When asked if he would take a fight against McGregor, Miller unsurprisingly stated in the affirmative.

After an impressive debut in the UFC was followed by a mostly impressive sophomore fight, Connor McGregor has displayed an impressive striking array, technical skill and icy calm in the octagon. Whether those tools can translate against the featherweights top fighters remains to be seen (this writer leans towards yes).

Unfortunately for him, a knee ligament injury will sideline him for at least half a year (if he’s Adrian Peterson) but more likely close to ten months (if he’s human). When he returns, he better hope he’s the same fighter because the scrutiny to back up his words will only intensify.


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