Alexander Gustaffson Gets His Post-War Medal

After being the only man to put his fists on Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in such a way to reveal the champ as human, it looks like Gustaffson won’t get an immediate rematch.

While this will surely disappoint some fans – a large majority thought he had won the fight – it is a logical outcome. Gustaffson hurt Jones and was able to match him on the feet while stiffing the champions otherworldly takedown ability. However, he never had Jones on the defensive. He never forced Jones out of his comfort zone or, presumably, his game plan. He simply stood in there.

Gustaffson is a tough, technical boxer who will get another shot – and soon. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until after a bout with Antonio Rogerio Noguiera.

The little brother of MMA legend, Minatauro Noguiera, Lil Nog has seen his career in the UFC stuttered via injuries and losses at the wrong time. After winning his first two UFC fights, a step up in competition led to a loss against Ryan Bader (in retrospect, not exactly the greatest sign of future title contention). He followed it up with a loss to Phil Davis (in retrospect, exactly the outcome one would expect from a title contender in Davis). The UFC needed him to rebound and thus booked him against the aging and ineffective Tito Ortiz, whom he defeated. That was back in 2011. Injuries put him on the shelf until earlier this year when he defeated a lackluster Rashad Evans.

So let’s look at this in Gustaffson’s camp. He takes the best fighter on the planet into the dog pound, bloodies him up in a competitive fight, then gets Lil Nog? A guy whose last win was over a painfully uninspired Rashad Evans, a fighter Jones annihilated last year? That’s a fighter with mediocre status. If Gustaffson is looking for a one-win title shot rematch, Lil Nog may not be the formula to get it.

On the flip side, if Nog can down The Mauler…well, things look mighty interesting for him.


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